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Legal-corporate counseling

For enterprises involved in industrial, commercial, hotel, financial and banking, private construction and public works, energy, agro-export, technology and real estate sectors, fostering the definition of optimal organization and legal operation.

  • Integral legal consulting in all areas of its professional practice.
  • Drafting and conceptual review of contracts and legal instruments.
  • Consulting on company investment operations, take-overs, mergers and split-offs.
  • Assessment regarding foreign investment and technological assistance standards.
  • Legal consulting and advice regarding matters related to investment banking and project finance.
  • Horizontal property declaration processes, and others related to the transfers and encumbrances of property.
  • Assistance on tenders and bids called upon by government entities.
  • Participation in contract negotiation processes with government entities, and public procurement consulting.
  • Professional sponsorship of national and international arbitrations.
  • Consulting on economic, financial and operational aspects that have or could have legal relevance.
  • Preparation and review of tax returns.
  • Assistance on planning managerial strategies to optimize tax costs.
  • Assistance on inspections and audits carried out by tax authorities, control bodies (Superintendences of Companies, Banks, Market Control Power, and Telecommunications) and other government entities.
  • Advice on determining salary policies.
  • Professional representation regarding tax consultations and claims at the administrative level, and lawsuits before tax courts.
  • Integral consulting within the field of legislation that affects economic activities.
  • Legal consulting on energy matters (hydrocarbons, electricity and alternative energy).
  • Visas and other processes with migration and immigration authorities.

Additionally, the Firm provides economic, financial and accounting services.


All judicial and extrajudicial processes related to its legal consulting services.

Other areas of consulting

  • Drafting of mathematical-actuarial studies related to legally-established work obligations and collective contracts, special dismissal insurance.
  • Judicial and extrajudicial collection services.
  • Training of personnel in different areas of its services.
  • Due diligence.
  • Conceptual tax audits that allow for detecting areas with fiscal liabilities.
  • Payroll maintenance.
  • Expert accounting reports.
  • Implementation of pension systems.